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DARKSIDER In the world of automotive hobbyists a Darksider is one who modifies and or customizes any and all sorts of vehicles. The Darksiders are in a class of their own simply because they endeavor to be different and do things that others would not attempt for a number of reasons mostly being related to a lack of ability and fear of non conformity.

This is a forum for people who think outside the box in everything they do. It doesn’t matter if you are modifying or building from scratch. It doesn’t matter what brand or brands of vehicles or components you are using. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a mini car or a bus.

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    I'm aDog...


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    I'm aDog... Empty What ???

    Post  CyndiDog on Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:01 pm

    I can't believe there are no other shop dogs out there !!!

    Here's Barkin' at ya...


    I've heard of cat toys,,,
    Are those cats that can be used to chew on???

    58 ford
    58 ford

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    I'm aDog... Empty Hacked!!

    Post  58 ford on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:02 pm

    My name is Bismarck. I have hacked my Dad's computer!! Very Happy I am one of three German Shepherds that my Mom & Dad have living with them. My Mom & Dad have me, the only boy, (besides my Dad) and two girls. Everytime my Dad goes to do something, I have to check it out and stay with him to make sure he is doing it right. He sometimes calls me "Busy Bizzy" but that is okay. I am six years old and one of the girls, Kayla is six too. Brya the youngest, is only 5 yrs old. They spend time with Dad too but I demand more time from him and get in the way of him giving them too much attention.

    My Mom & Dad spoil us rotten and they had to go and buy a king size bed so we could all fit. They tried to kick us all off but when we hear the snoring starting, the mad dash to the bed starts. I usually get the prime spot where I have my own pillow.

    Dad has lots to do around the house, or so my Mom tells him he does,so I stick to him to give him a hand. Men have to stick together. Smile

    We have lots of room to run loose outside and we each have our own beds to lie on in the livingroom. My Mom & Dad kicked us off the furniture after every six months they had to buy another couch or two. I really can't help it if I take the whole couch up and use the couch as a napkin when I slober or eat!! They bought new furniture so for now, we get our own beds. I do sneak up on Dad's chair though when they go out,but he knows when I do that, I guess that is why they call us German Shedders!!

    I sometimes hear my dad use not so nice language when something is not going right, and seeing as I am six, I will talk back to him . Dad is trying to teach me the "indoor voice" but I like to make my opinion known loud and clear. Alot of people are scared of me because I am over 100 lbs and have a huge head but I am really friendly and love attention. Whenever someone comes to the door, all of us will bark really loud and most of the people will run to the outside fence. It is kindof funny.I guess the three of us sound like we are going to be mean but we are just letting Mom & Dad know that there is someone here and that we are here too.

    I heard my Mom & Dad talking about Cyndi's posting and thought I would post too. The other girls are making sure I spell things right. I am glad that Dave has a companion dog like Cyndi. I know my Mom & Dad are glad to have us too. My Dad did say that if he had of known how easy it was to raise us, he would of thought longer of having a child, but it worked out great!!

    Here's barking back at ya !!
    P.S I will try to sneak a pic up later!!

    [img]I'm aDog... Th_Bis1stbirthday048[/img]

    When I'm feeling down, I like to whistle. It makes the neighbor's dog run to the end of his chain and gag himself
    Darkside Dave
    Darkside Dave

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    I'm aDog... Empty Hi Bismarck....

    Post  Darkside Dave on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:13 am

    Hey Bismarck,

    You sound like the kind of guy I'd like to rough it up with. I like to play hard and most other dogs are afraid of me or want to turn it into a fight. Dave has a friend who is a K9 Officer on the local police force and his partner's name is Diago. He is a Belgian breed that is widely employed by law enforcement. Everytime we get together he wimps out when I put my best moves on him. Maybe he'd do better if I wore a bite suit. However, he gets the job done and he has taken down a lot of perps. Of course they are always trying to run from him and you know what that means to us dogs.

    Do you get to travel with Andrew? Whenever Dave and Jill go on a trip we get to go. We get the whole back seat of either the car or the big truck if it is a trip with the camper or one of the big trailers we have. Sometimes on a long trip we get to stay in motels. Dave really gets upset if we bark in those places. He said he would put us both in a cage in the big enclosed trailer when we were on a six day run to AZ. I can't believe he really meant that. If you ever get down our way you should stop by and see us.

    Hey Man, thanks for barking back. I gotta go out on the back deck and check out what's going on today. Those damn cats just think they can go any place they want. I need to clear them out of here. Dave hates it when they get on the cars and trucks. Time to go to work...



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    I'm aDog... Empty Re: I'm aDog...

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