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    Big plans for my '01 R3500 dually


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    Big plans for my '01 R3500 dually Empty Big plans for my '01 R3500 dually

    Post  wmjoe1953 on Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:36 pm

    Well, since this forum is not brand, or vintage specific, I'll talk about my plans for my 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 dually too. Currently bone stock, except the transmission Ijust rebuilt. Stupid 46RE auto trans. I built it with Kevlar bands, and Alto Red Eagle clutches. Upgraded the forward planetary from a 4 pinion to a 5 pinion. Reworked the valve body, and now have any speed down gear shifts, and nice firm up shifts. New low stall converter for off road utility use, that comes with furnaced brazed fins, and is computer balanced to 0, with a +/- .01g difference. Well, here's a run down of some future plans. Since I like having a capable off road utility rig, that's the route I am going. I will be fabbing my own front and rear steel winch bumpers. Will be installing a 15K winch front and rear. Will be adding a 4" suspension lift, and increasing the tire height. Installing ARB air lockers, front and rear. It's currently a gas V-8, but am planning on converting to Cummins. Still cheaper to go that route then it is to buy a new Dodge Cummins truck. When the Cummins goes in, I'll be swapping out this A518 to an A618 tranny. The next tranny will be getting all hardened shafts, upgraded clutch drums for more friction and steel capacity, and upgraded 6 pinion planetaries. After that, it will be getting a complete cab sealing job to hold out water, and a snorkel for protection if partially submerged. The bed will be getting a tool/fuel tank added, and I will be putting skid bar/step bars on it. Then the real fun. Plan on adding a full strobe light assortment, and work lights all around. By the time it gets done, it should be capable of going just about anywhere for off raod rescues, and police/fire assists. My current emergency package includes my BDU's, 200' of rescue line, climbing harness and hardware, ammo and case for my rifle and pistol. And of course, there's the 5 day readiness kit.

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    Darkside Dave
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    Big plans for my '01 R3500 dually Empty Re: Big plans for my '01 R3500 dually

    Post  Darkside Dave on Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:55 pm

    That ought to scare the bears out of the woods...


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