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(this is not a place for lazy video game freaks. We Darksiders have been around doing our thing for decades before the mindless couch blobs latched onto the term Darksider)

DARKSIDER In the world of automotive hobbyists a Darksider is one who modifies and or customizes any and all sorts of vehicles. The Darksiders are in a class of their own simply because they endeavor to be different and do things that others would not attempt for a number of reasons mostly being related to a lack of ability and fear of non conformity.

This is a forum for people who think outside the box in everything they do. It doesn’t matter if you are modifying or building from scratch. It doesn’t matter what brand or brands of vehicles or components you are using. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a mini car or a bus.

We will not be asking you for donations or any kind of monetary payments. We will be asking for help in terms moderators and encouraging you to spread the word and add to our membership.

Darksider's Realm

A message board & forum for automotive builders, fabricators and customizers who think outside the box.

    A Darksider site, what a great idea



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    A Darksider site, what a great idea

    Post  49fordpickumup on Mon May 25, 2009 2:17 pm

    Thanks for asking me to join in the fun Dave. I am a retired Corporate Gulfstream IVSP pilot. History. Airforce electronic Tech 59-68. Vietnam 1966-67. Obtained Aircraft Maintenance and all pilots licenses 1968-70. Corporate pilot/manager for 35 years. Flight Safety Int Simulator instructor. Retired 1994. Currently some part-time flying and writing aviation manuals. Love old vehicles, motorcycles, airplanes. Favorite owned old car was a 1937 2dr sedan. Currently working on a 1964 corvette coupe basket case and a 1949 ford F-1. I sold my harley for the pickup project. I have currently stripped the frame of all parts and am cleaning a frame that is in good condition. Gathering parts. I have a 1986 Monte Carlo front suspension(steering and box on forward side of member) to install.Purchased a 1994 Mark VIII rear independent suspension. Last month I bought a 1994 LT1/4L60E out of a Buick roadmaster. I found a 1995 thunderbird for 300.00 stripped the steering wheel & column/wheels/brake pedal/accel pedal/radio/windshield wiper tank and pump./interior lights/overflow tank/ relays/ driveshaft/ master cylinder. Sold the motor/tranny for 200.00. Anyone looking for parts should look at the 90-97 t-bird,cougar and Mark VIII on your next pick-a-part visit. Especially the steering column. It is only about 21 inches long before the first universal. The rubber firewall seals for the column/accel/brakes/are re-usable. Ramble, ramble, enough about me. lets get it going. chuck in the Kansas City area
    Darkside Dave

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    Re: A Darksider site, what a great idea

    Post  Darkside Dave on Mon May 25, 2009 2:35 pm

    Alright Chuck,

    You are just the kind of guy we need here. You are so Darkside you are toasty. What a great background you have. Hopefully, as time permits you will be able to document some of your projects and get us up to speed on them. I can't wait to see them.

    Latter Man...

    Darkside Dave

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    Post  tomget on Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:20 pm

    Hey Chuck

    Sorry for this late welcome, but I never got around to it til now. Sounds like you've
    got some great talents for this site, and I hope you'll be able to chime in with
    your experience and knowledge. Nice to have you here.


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    Re: A Darksider site, what a great idea

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