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(this is not a place for lazy video game freaks. We Darksiders have been around doing our thing for decades before the mindless couch blobs latched onto the term Darksider)

DARKSIDER In the world of automotive hobbyists a Darksider is one who modifies and or customizes any and all sorts of vehicles. The Darksiders are in a class of their own simply because they endeavor to be different and do things that others would not attempt for a number of reasons mostly being related to a lack of ability and fear of non conformity.

This is a forum for people who think outside the box in everything they do. It doesn’t matter if you are modifying or building from scratch. It doesn’t matter what brand or brands of vehicles or components you are using. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a mini car or a bus.

We will not be asking you for donations or any kind of monetary payments. We will be asking for help in terms moderators and encouraging you to spread the word and add to our membership.

Darksider's Realm

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    My garage/shop


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    My garage/shop

    Post  wmjoe1953 on Wed May 06, 2009 11:40 pm

    Well, I don't have any photos of my garage, so I'll just kind of describe it. It's a typical subdivision 2 car gargage. I have my 80 gallon compressor, a miller mig welder. Oxy/propane torch. Three tool boxes with my hand tools that aren't on the peg board I have hanging for the various sets. I've got just about everything from basic wrenches all the way up to engine rebuilding tools.. Also in my gargae, is storage shelves (bug out gear, various boxes of holiday stuff, etc., etc.) Taking up a roughly 32 sq ft section is my N-scale model railroad project. Oh yeah, I also have my book shelf that has buckets of bolts, and nuts, and stuff, and all my old Ford truck books, and restoration catalogs, and such. I have two 55 F-series grilles hanging on my walls, and two early 1900's late 1800's vintage logging hand saws (the really long ones that take two people to use for cutting down trees, and a shorter one that is used for bucking the timbers down, and limbing them up, and also for cutting lumber in the mills).

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