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    Got a truck will be here Wednesday?


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    Got a truck will be here Wednesday? Empty Got a truck will be here Wednesday?

    Post  wmjoe1953 on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:37 pm

    Well, I went and looked at the 1980 L9000 the day before yesterday. I'll be picking it up Tuesday at the soonest, but by Wednesday for sure. Here's the down low. It's a 1980 L-9000. It has a 6-71 Detroit, with a Fuller 9 speed equipped with a compound low range. It's a single axle flat bed, that has the bed partially cut off already. It's got 20" aluminum Budd wheels. I'll be yanking the 5.29 leaf spring mounted rear axle, and swapping in my Peterbilt 3.73 axle with air leaf suspension. The fron end looked ok (wear-wise), but I will likely swap in my matching Peterbilt front suspension. I've got a buyer for the hod assembly, and will scrap the cab, axles, and the rest of the bed, and the big heavy aluminum front bumper (it's ugly). The best part......it runs, drives, has a clear title, and I made the deal for $800. So, I'm undecided on whether or not I want to go crewcab 53-55 cab on it, or if I want a sleeper behind the 53 F-750 body. I'm leaning towards a 50-70" custom sleeper, with the single axle, and a custom built body colored steel deck plate. A pair of 5" diameter chrome stacks, approx. 8' tall behind the sleeper will look killer. Oh yeah, it's got a Jake brake too.
    Here's the truck:

    Got a truck will be here Wednesday? DSCF3357

    Got a truck will be here Wednesday? DSCF3358

    1953 Ford F-750 semi: 6-71 Detroit with 9 speed Road Ranger on air leaf suspension

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    1963 Ford Falcon Futura 2dr Sedan: Finished, and SOLD

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    1954 F-100: Ground up Restoration

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