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(this is not a place for lazy video game freaks. We Darksiders have been around doing our thing for decades before the mindless couch blobs latched onto the term Darksider)

DARKSIDER In the world of automotive hobbyists a Darksider is one who modifies and or customizes any and all sorts of vehicles. The Darksiders are in a class of their own simply because they endeavor to be different and do things that others would not attempt for a number of reasons mostly being related to a lack of ability and fear of non conformity.

This is a forum for people who think outside the box in everything they do. It doesn’t matter if you are modifying or building from scratch. It doesn’t matter what brand or brands of vehicles or components you are using. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a mini car or a bus.

We will not be asking you for donations or any kind of monetary payments. We will be asking for help in terms moderators and encouraging you to spread the word and add to our membership.

Darksider's Realm

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    New member from Washington state


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    New member from Washington state

    Post  jclars on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:05 am

    I fell into this board by tracking down Darksider Daves 53 F-100 pick-up project on an old post at FTE. In that post he was proposing to use a T-bird IRS and the Superchardged V6 which I am also in possesion of for my latest project - a 1956 F-100. So I expect I will be pestering him and others for inside info on their builds, as this is my first venture into the true DARKSIDE.

    I am a young 60 year old! I still officially have a teenager in my household, but my son is actually living across the state at college. I have three daughters as well. The youngest is attending the Univ. of Montana, the next youngest is getting married in December. So, those three kids right there are enough reason for a slow start to my F100 project! My oldest daughter lives with her husband near Phoenix, AZ. She has a hook in my project as well, as I will explain below. And then there's my wife of 34 years, who has rekindled her old hobby as well, which is horseback riding. Another reason for a shortage of car funds... (Ah, but it is all good stuff!)

    None-the-less!! With the departure of our kids from the house, both my wife and I rekindled our lost passions. I had previously owned a 56 F100 which I did limited mods on, back in the day... But I had also owned a little MG Midget, so I started my re-entry into the car world with a package deal on two MGB's. Four years ago I got both a 1970 and a 1965 MGB for the price of one. Neither was road worthy at the time, but I was able to get the 70 on the road for a fun summer of driving. I had intended to do the 65 as a frame up resto. I picked up two parts cars for that purpose, but while out looking for even more MGB parts, I tripped upon a 1958 MGA Coupe. This was my dream vintage sports car. So naturally it showed up at my shop as did another coupe parts car (Craigslist is your friend). That made 6 MGs under one roof! Yikes, I had caught the bug bad. Tor the next three years, I worked on a frame off resto on the 58 MGA Coupe, finishing it this past May 2011. I did everything except machining the engine parts. I really enjoy just looking at it - it has such classic lines.

    So, with kids in college and one getting married, I was strongly encouraged to defer any more projects for at least a year. (I had been hinting strongly about a pick-up in my future...) But with all the MGB's in my shop, my wife figured I could stay out of trouble. Wrong. That nasty Craiglist put a 56 F-100 in front of me for super cheap. I convinced my wife it was a parts truck, not a real project to work on. She had seen the benefit of a parts vehicle = $$savings$$. Well, it was a good 100 miles distant, but work just happened to put me close by. Hmmm, how does that work nevermind.

    At first sight, it was obvious that the truck was a perfectly suitable project candidate, but I have refrained from actually working on it yet. (Yes it followed me home.) I have picked up a 1989 T-bird as a donor and a 79 Jaguar XJ6 as well. So it is falling together and I am in the planning, researching and dreaming stage. Thus my connection to Dave and this board!

    PS - The intended MGB project was turned into a project to sell in exchange for truck funds! Unfortunately, my oldest daughter decided she'd like a little British sports car as their second car, so my "for profit" restoration project just turned into a charity fund...

    I will start a build thread of my PU project soon, even though it will be awhile before the project gets underway. It appears to be a good way to keep an online record. Sorry for being so long winded on my first post!

    John Larsen
    Lynden, WA

    Darkside Dave

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    Post  Darkside Dave on Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:20 am

    Hi John,
    Welcome to the Darkside. I've already communicated with you via e-mail so I'll make this short. We can't wait until you start your thread and we get to see some pics of your truck and your donor cars. 60 Huh??? I remeber that, I think... That was back when I had a real job. Enjoy the board.

    Later Man...


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    Re: New member from Washington state

    Post  tomget on Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:41 am

    Welcome to the Darkside. Nice to have you here. I had the sports car bug in high school and would often spend my job lunch time walking around town and always managed to spend a few minutes sitting inside an MGA or two at the various car lots. Ya they're nice for sure. Funny though I never did get one. I ended up in the other camp--Triumphs- but always thought the MGA's a cool rival. Have fun with all.


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    Re: New member from Washington state

    Post  stevof1 on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:20 pm

    From on F1 truck guy to another, welcome aboard. Your car collection is very interesting. Beautiful job on the 58. My neighbor has /had a pile of mgb's and a few vw's too that he recently sold, before selling his house, for a momment I was sorely tempted, then remembered the lack of funds, and garage space!
    58 ford

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    Post  58 ford on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:11 am

    Hi John

    Welcome to the darkside!
    I like the 58 i had considered getting an mgb,But with my body size i dont think i would fit!!
    Anyway looking fwd to your build thread,Feel free to post on the other posts as well.

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    Re: New member from Washington state

    Post  jerryj on Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:21 pm

    Welcome to the group.

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    Re: New member from Washington state

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