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    got major body work done this week.


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    got major body work done this week.

    Post  sinndustrial on Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:25 pm

    just thought you guys would be happy to hear i got the ' 46 under primer, i will take some pics tommorrow and post them. it was just getting late tonight and i wanted to get home and be with my fiancee. i have spent the last week and a half with the 46 chevy , its my old lady's turn now. =) the 46 was actually amazingly straight underneath all of that lead/oil based paint and old laquer paint. she looked like she had been repainted no less than 6 times that i could count, 5 of those times were different colors. oh yes, she has spent a little of each of the last seven decades in a different color, ranging from black to blue to green to brown to blue again, and thats not counting all the different colors of primer in between. i thought of a lot of different options... making a rat rod, making a gasser... street rod it, hell who knows... but for now i think i am going to just paint her black, like she was in 1946, and drive the damn thing till she quits, then rebuild her again. maybe we will do a gasser next time. thats whats great about hot rodding, the car is never really " finished " , its simply in transition to its next hellish hot rod rendition.
    Darkside Dave
    Darkside Dave

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    Re: got major body work done this week.

    Post  Darkside Dave on Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:57 am

    Sounds like a plan Man...

    I think you made the best decision.

    Later Man...


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