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    i actually got something accomplished ............


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    i actually got something accomplished ............

    Post  55f350 on Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:21 pm

    the boss has taken pity on me { she and her hubby are car " buffs " got a 56 2 door mainline with a y block } and gave me two days a week off as of this week . two sat / sun then two sun/ mon . i actually went out into the garage and got a few things done . got the front { extra } spring packs apart and some removed , the edges chamfered , the ends rounded off , but i still gotaa do a little touch up with the grinder and such to them , then get 'em together and painted . started beating on the king pins in the extra axle and boy do my hands look like i beat 'em with a hammer . oh wait i did , i hit then more than the drift .................. i took the new donor seat from the 84 furd 4x4 and discovered happily that it sat down on and with a minor pie cut to the front pedestal , bolted onto my original 53 base for the seat . it has to have the top frame cut 1/2 to 3/4 per side and some foam lopped off the bottom on the sides , and welding obviously , when i strip it to recover etc...... i also put the 61 wheel on , patched up but not painted , with the broken anniversary horn button cut down to fit into the center for a trial fit . the column cover is gonna need to be shortened approx. 1/2 inch to allow it to sit down all the way and not rub when installed . tried to get those dain 4x4 front hubs apart , but kept breaking allen wrenches and my patience so we walked away from that for a bit . need the spindles if you will to cut down to fit my spindles as caliper brackets .. 4x4's dont have the spindle cast into it for those of you going huh ???? so it has a hole in the center of it for the axle to slide through . gonna cut the king pin / ball joint mount off of them and some other uneeded things and leave a nice mount to bolt onto mine with an integral caliper bracket . kinda the lazy way to do it but hey it worked . also made the decision after pricing new vic rotors to alter the disc plan to use truck rotors instead . this will enable me to use the oe 15 inch rims i have rounded up with the innie hubcaps to be used and not just rust . i'll have to either get new axles for the 8.8 or redrill the ones here for the truck bolt pattern no biggie . also discovered and will use a blower motor from a 93 -97 thunder bird as they are small enough to fit my original heater box giving me the oe look , yet have a variable speed motor . also began cleaning a lot of the extra frame brackets etc. i got for the finally soon to go get frame from mr boley so i can get started in earnest on it then . well i'll go see if i can figure out the pics and if i can i'll post some i took , otherwise a vivid imaginatio might be required ........... later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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