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    What do you consider this Van to be?


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    What do you consider this Van to be? Empty What do you consider this Van to be?

    Post  FORDBOYpete on Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:15 am

    What do y'all consider an XLTN Aerostar Van to be. . . . A Mini Van? The one I have has a 4.0L V6 Cologne (all iron) engine and I pull a 16', 2 axle flatbed trailer with it. It seats 7 in 4 buckets as a 2+2 with a third row bench seat that seats 3. I run 225-75R-15s on 8" X 15" Grand Marquis OEM alloy turbine style wheels to keep brakes cool & carry 14,000 lbs I gross with the loaded combo. It has a Reese receiver hitch with 800# tongue capacity, Suspension is 1/2 ton OEM coil springs with 1,000# rated Load-Levelers on sensatrack HD's for rear shocks and medium
    duty plain Sensatrack shocks up front.
    It has real creature comforts with cloth seats, rear A/C, rear tunes & controls and I look down at most passenger cars, mini vans, and small to medium Pick Up trucks as I go by them. I put a couple photos in the Gallery. Oh yeah it has 250K miles and is all original OEM running gear.

    I'm proud of this work truck, and it's a sleeper with lots of stuff inside nobody can see and the weather can't get to.

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    Darkside Dave
    Darkside Dave

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    What do you consider this Van to be? Empty Maybe it's a midi-van...

    Post  Darkside Dave on Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:27 pm

    Hi Pete,

    I know this is an old post but for some reason I seem to have missed it or else I just don't remember it. Anyway, I kind of see where you are coming from on this one. Since I have a big old '93 E-350 diesel long body that was supposed to go to am ambulance conversion factory but the order was canceled, I tend to think of all vans as mini vans. But you are right. The Aerostar was a real hauler. I had an '87 I bought new with the 3.0L and I towed a cabin cruiser with it for a while.. Not something I would have tried with other mini vans. However, I have to admit it was a bit sluggish and it did have the towing package. The 4.0L would have been a marked improvement. As you pointed out, it's nice to have the cargo locked up; and protected as well as out of sight. The front half of my E-350 has been stocked with old truck parts in boxes for almost a year no and I still have a capacity equal to a short bed pick up in the rear. As a matter of fact, I just used it yesterday to go pick up a Kohler marine generator for a houseboat that I am going to rebuild.

    Later Man...


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